Human Value is informed by inputs that define environments where humans can thrive. This creates value for organizations and in turn the communities they serve. Value derived from innovative, engaged, healthy humans who contribute to purpose, overall performance, and growth. Health Value - the importance we place on inputs of well-being, access and prevention, is foundational to realizing Human Value.


How can organizations realize the value humans create to create more Organizational Value? In an effort to create more conscious companies, how might we also create Community Value? The Human Value Institute tackles these tough questions with our partners and clients through research, education, and customized consulting services. We look forward to sharing our insights and expertise with you. 


Services: Research is our foundation. It supports all of our education and services. Our research approach allows for sharing information, creating partnership, and developing education information in a collaborative environmentWhen working with clients, or research is tailored to each organization or challenge through investigative process and transparent reporting. 

Focus Area: We lead ongoing, multi-phase studies to enhance the understanding of Well-being and Human Capital Value. We seek to understand and share how people do their best work, create value in the workplace, what drives this value, and how organizations can better understand and measure this value. 


Healthcare: Leadership development should not be a box-check. Strong leaders drive strong organizations. In the healthcare industry, this development is significantly lacking. We focus on how physicians can lead the way to shift our healthcare system to one of prevention, community-centered, and healthy living. 

General: It is imperative for organizations and individuals to understand the meaning and potential use of data, metrics, and information. We create curriculum, models and real-life pilot programs to support organization-specific learning through developmental services, seminars, and learning experiences. We document to build a return on learning story-book. 


Strategic Decision-making

How well is your team poised to make decisions that are strategic?

Are trust and autonomy part of your culture? 

Contact us to discuss your culture & if desired complete a complimentary initial assessment. 


Organizations:  Understanding the inputs that contribute to meaningful work and well-being is a powerful strategic differentiator. Linking these inputs to overall organizational 'health' creates long-term strategy and  growth. We work with organizations to customize a strategic review and analysis of where human capital based value resides, by determining inputs and building systems to intentionally link these to outputs and outcomes. 

Start-ups and Non-profits: Newly established organizations have the advantage of getting it 'right' from the start. Non-profits typically have a higher-mission to build from. We work with these organizations on strategy advisement to develop and align their Human Capital Value inputs. 

The Human Value Institute is the research arm of LEAD the difference. LEAD the difference is a strategy and human capital consulting company that exists to empower leadership to lead their own difference in how they think, interact, identify problems and develop shared understanding.