Human Value is informed by inputs that define environments where humans can thrive. This creates value for organizations and in turn the communities they serve. Value derived from innovative, engaged, healthy humans who contribute to purpose, overall performance, and growth. Health Value - the importance we place on inputs of well-being, access and prevention, is foundational to realizing Human Value.

How can organizations realize the value humans create to create more Organizational Value? In an effort to create more conscious companies, how might we also create Community Value? The Human Value Institute tackles these tough questions with our partners and clients through research, education, and customized consulting services. We look forward to sharing our insights and expertise with you. 

Strategic Change

LEAD the difference LLC


LEAD the difference exists to cultivate innovative, thinking-based leadership that will lead the difference – the required change to engage, unleash and measure human value. We do this in three parts: through Strategy, Coaching and Engagement. 

Our Consulting, Coaching and Engagement work is based on our insights from the ongoing research we do through The Human Value Institute. 

We ensure our research informs our consulting and that our consulting in practice guides our research. 


Strategic Decision-making

How well is your team poised to make decisions that are strategic? Are trust and autonomy part of your culture? 

Contact us to discuss your culture & if desired, receive a complimentary strategic assessment. 


Research Contribution

The Human Value Institute is the research arm of LEAD the difference. LEAD the difference is a strategy and human capital consulting company that exists to empower leadership to lead their own difference in how they think, interact, identify problems and develop shared understanding.